A quick update to give a small progress report:

Windows binaries are more stable, decompiled code is better, game is much more stable, and first parts of C are create.

Yesterday we made the decompiler a bit more clever. Completely unexpected it solved the problems on the Windows platform (although it is seemly silly that this solves it). Today more updates will be added to the decompiler, making the output more readable, and should ease up converting to plain C.

The core pools are converted to plain C, and show how converting C can be done. Documentation about memory structures is coming along just fine too. All in all: progress is going smooth and forward.

For the 1st of November the first release is planned. So far we unlocked most of the options up to lvl5 for all houses. I am sure before the 1st of November we even mapped more of the higher levels, which hopefully means you can finish the game with our first release. No promises of course :)

All the good news there, there are still a few issues which seems hard to fix:

  • Randomly memory corrupts, leaving artefacts on the screen, but also sometimes just makes your units disappear, gives you tons of money, …
  • When you go to Mentat, your mouse will no longer work. So don’t got there ;)

Both are problems of the emulation layer, which we can’t seem to find. Not a real loss, as the game is good playable.

Interested in helping out? There is enough to do, from simply playing and reporting crash-logs, up to creating real C out of C-like structures. If you like to help, drop by our IRC: See you there.

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