Silence in the sand

So I haven’t written much lately. So what, neither did Shakespeare.

That sentence always pops up in my mind when I start these posts. I was planning doing it 1 month and 2 days ago; sadly, life happened, and I missed that deadline. Still, 1 year of silence. What happened?

Well, as said a year ago, we consider 0.7 ‘done’. That is code for: we lost interest, as nobody else seemed to give a … what is a PR-rated word that fits there? Well, all the same.

Lately, fully due to other people showing interest in this project, we see some momentum being created. As announced on the forum, I will keep word and make a new release with tons of (user-supplied) bug-fixes soon. We will also take the code of this project to something like github or bitbucket (will have to review which), so people can send us patches easier, and for us it will be easier to apply them.

Anyway, you can expect a 0.8 release this month. So do remember to send all your patches, bugs and issues to our bug tracker. This includes if you author ports like EMScripten etc. We would happily apply your patches etc to our official repos ;)

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