OpenDUNE 0.7 release

Today we present you our latest version of OpenDUNE: version 0.7.

This release comes with a new configure system (with a big hug to OpenTTD), a native video driver for Windows, better sound support for Windows (natively) and Linux (fully via ALSA), many fixes, naming of functions and variables, support for Windows 64bit, and many more. Short: it should be a lot more stable.

As usual, a complete list of enhancements can be found here and a changelog has been made, and can be viewed

You can download the release, and here you can discuss the release on our forum. If you notice any bugs, please report them at our bugtracker at

We strongly recommend that you download an updated scenario.pak (tnx to MrFlibble):

Special thanks:

This release wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for the following people (alphabetic order):

- MrFlibble (for his scenario.pak updates, and his endless questions and suggestions and insights)

The development team (alphabetic order):

Albert Hofkamp (Alberth)
Loic Guilloux (glx)
Patric Stout (TrueBrain)
Steven Noorbergen (Xaroth)

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